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Thursday, September 30, 2010

its time to change, dont get yourself trapped asshole

1stly, i want to dedicate this entry to all my friends and for those who has been force to marry someone who they didnt like or didnt know. what im gonna write about is a story of my friend. a sad story that never have an ending. i pray to god that she will always be happy and i hope one day she will know why did this happen to her.

actually, after all the things that i heard from her best-best-bestfriend. i had find a conclusion. there is no problem without an answer, rite? even someone who have a power also have a problem. why did they think that it cant be solve? its because they never had en effort to solve it. they never learn how to face the truth. they are afraid of sin towards their parents and thats why there is always a gap in front of them.

its becoming worse when the day had come and they had run out of the time. and that time, the moment, suddenly they realize, "i should have tell them that i dont want this". but its too late, they cant do anything. the thing must be settle and after that, they will live in a world full of regrets.

there is always a solution for anything we do. my advice is, dont let it happen or you will regret it because you didnt solve it when you have a chance. you will be just like a loser who cant do anything and follow what others tell you to. actually, why does this world happen to have a parents that always want to control their childs? why do they have to plan everything for their child? if they are still schooling, nvm, its ok. but after they graduates, they still think that their child were a small kids. lols, its making me sick, even to think about it will make me more annoying.

i think they had some fucking blablabla phobia, that is why they are afraid that their child will turn to something they really hate. yeah, they are afraid of their own shadow. am i rite?

p/s ; they should learn how to understand us :)

Im still haunted by those flies. it keep spinning in my head.

being haunted by your old lover is just another thing that kept annoying you, rite? i already have a girlfriend which im really really in love with, then there is this girl come out of nowhere make me suddenly cant stop thinking bout her. and she also keep appearing on my dreams. this is making me feel naked. why am i still stuck on her game while she just pawned another guy with the same shit.

im pretty sucks here, and who will be by my side when im lonely? did anyone know how to break a stone without having to touch it? tell me. let me guess, you think this post is shit? ahaha. why not? you still sitting here and read my post. ahaha.

please understand this story then give your opinion. before this, i had adore a girl who is really sweet and cute looking. but you know what, i think im just the character in her game. after that, i promise to myself, i wont get myself gamed again. i'll prove to anyone who is reading this entry that one day i'll be rich and can afford myself. i'll show that i can live happily to her that rejected me. nevermind, there is always a beginning from an ending. hahah.

trust me, being haunted is a shit thing. you cant stand it when u see a car just like she have. a place which you hang out with her before. a feeling when you miss her before. a crying that you show to her before. a hope that you think she would make it happen. but since im just an ordinary guy that didnt have anything, she think i dont deserve her. i didnt have any same level with her. why i have to face all the shit? someone please tell me?

but, honestly, when im thinking of my sayang, Erin, there it goes. i cant stop thinking bout her. i keep saying her name. i miss the way he look me when im confused. i love the she way laugh when im saying something that she think funny. i miss the way she say, "sayang?" then she stop and when i ask what, she will reply, "takde pape". haha. u think that's funny? you are making me sakit hati la. hahah, but its ok. that is the colour of love. i love to see a couple sitting together while having their ice cream :). they look so sweet together.

p/s ; would love understand what am i talking about?

pasal ni lah aku marah nape aku jadi camni.

dulu sebelum raya, mase time pose ko goda aku,
aku punye la tough iman, pun kne jugak.
ko tau tak aku hilang ilmu,
sbb aku jumpe ko tak beragak.

masuk raye, aku lari jauh2,
taknak jadi teruk macam kau,
asyik suka tengok org bergaduh,
last-last, kau kau kne pisau.

ni dah lepas raye, igt boleh lupe ko,
rupenye masih menggoda,
hati ni tak brape nak kuat,
jgn la asyik nak dekat je.
igt aku x boleh nak pikat?

kini, aku masih lagi dgn kau,
ape lagi ko nak, duit aku ko dah abiskan,
mase aku ko dah curi,
kehidupan aku ko dah rosakkan,
kenapa ko masih lagi tak puas hati?

p/s ; this poem goes to Mary Jane :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

another stone day~~with my only Mary Jane :)

its just a normal day without a class, i woke up on 10am, i eat n online, like flirting n so on. n it actualy started from here, where i call my buddies to go to malacca. im planning to drink tonite with my old schoolmate but it ends when i cant even call him. ahah. think by urself, blablabla. i think im stone now.

my best mates, keem wong, fetch me and we r on highway to cyberia. its superfast Maju Expressway, hahahha. shit the hole out of it, this must be a government propaganda to waste a land for highway without more than 100 car per hour in the road. this is some mtfk blacken our money. this is not right. yeah hell buddy, this is not rite.

i think a day with world of politic can make u seem even more asshole and you know what, those shit minister are keep stealing our money, our land for their profit. wtf is that? didnt they know that our land is own by god? wth is shit gunung kinabalu is own by ex-pm's daughter? this is crap. we gotta get ouf this mtfk freemason who keep controlling our mind, u might not realize it but trust me, think deeper and think why u doin all this shit everyday, keep repeating it and we r trapped in this world full of rules. shit man, why cant we smoke ganja, snort k? that is the invasion. they abused us with so many fucking bastard education? wth is dat, as i know, our great 3x grandparents are from paleolitik, without education they can survive and produce us?

whattt?? u gonna said that we come from monkey? its the darwin emotionless theory? wth is God when we came from monkey? go eat shit darwin, u r just an unlucky gifted emo think. hahah.

u know what, im getting higher just by writing dis entry. hahaha. think wise, u'll be nice :) its not easy as u see, as the first rule is, i shouldn't fall to my patient. and its really secret :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

when your day is just a day to sleep

sangat lah memboringkan kalau korang kena bangun pagi dalam keadaan separuh sedar sebab kena pegi kolej. itu yang kite taknak tu, hahaha. starting from 10.30am, start la kelas yang macam haram boring die. tapi atas alasan Mr. Morgan is a funny lecturer, aku on je. hahah. Camni cite die, biar didefinasikan dulu Mr.Morgan ni camne. Ok, hahaha. Die agak gempal, keturunan India dan seorang yang tau untuk melaksanakan project. haha. sebab die lecturer project management, memang la. hahaha.

tapi still dalam keadaan yang penuh gelak ketawa dengan classmate pun aku masih lagi terlelap. Dah charge ngan redbull pun tak lut. Mak ai, betul-betul down tadi. hahah. Pastu smbung lagi kelas Organisational Behavior. Lagi la hardcore bosan die, terus setengah mati. Hahah, lastlast, belum sempat kelas ketiga. Aku dah chow, hahaha. tak larat doe. Mengantuk gile, boleh bawa gaduh niiii. :)))

Actually, all the things yang aku sempat belajar today. Semua aku cube aplikasikan dalam otak aku on how to change it from Organizational Behavior to Love Behavior. Percaye atau tak, klau korang terlebih faham, korang akan tau ape nak buat dengan ilmu korang. Bile korang kaitkan lagi dengan buku Mystery Method (google it), korang akan tau camne nak aplikasikan semua sekali. Hahah, an advice from me, learn to read a lots of book. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots of assignment, macam haram.

Dah akhir bulan september, tapi aku still tak siap lagi assignment yang banyak nak mampus tahap dewa gaban. Tu tak termasuk lagi projek yang student kena organize sendiri. perghh, mau tidor makan sireh aku camni. Final exam dalam bulan november, nak kena study lagi. Takpe2, dah sem 4 ni, hahaha, after dis sem 5 n tup tap tup tap dah praktikal. Yahuuuuuuu. Dalam kepale, fikir nak praktikal kat Sabah, my lovely hometown.

Cerita pasal sabah, too many sweet memories there. Yerla, klau dah membesar kat sane, even pindah ke paris ke jepun ke brazil ke, still akan tetap teringat mane kite main mase kecik-kecik dulu en. Cube korang fikir balik. Hahaha, kan kan? After parents aku divorced mase umur 8 tahun, since then just 4 kali je aku balik sabah till now. But still, all my aunties and uncle ingat aku and of course sume cousin aku still ingat aku. Kitorang happy the way we are, everytime aku balik sane mesti ade party partyyyyyy. hahahha, u know what? Sabahan know how to party it rite. hahahah.

Btw, im pretty tired, biase la bulan raye kan. Today ade la 3 openhouse pergi. Letih tu, hahaha. letih makan la. tomorrow class pagi lagi. Nvm, im enjoying my life sebaik mungkin. Hahaha. :)

p/s ; its not as easy as u see, as the 1st rule, i shouldn't fall to my patient :)