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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Im still haunted by those flies. it keep spinning in my head.

being haunted by your old lover is just another thing that kept annoying you, rite? i already have a girlfriend which im really really in love with, then there is this girl come out of nowhere make me suddenly cant stop thinking bout her. and she also keep appearing on my dreams. this is making me feel naked. why am i still stuck on her game while she just pawned another guy with the same shit.

im pretty sucks here, and who will be by my side when im lonely? did anyone know how to break a stone without having to touch it? tell me. let me guess, you think this post is shit? ahaha. why not? you still sitting here and read my post. ahaha.

please understand this story then give your opinion. before this, i had adore a girl who is really sweet and cute looking. but you know what, i think im just the character in her game. after that, i promise to myself, i wont get myself gamed again. i'll prove to anyone who is reading this entry that one day i'll be rich and can afford myself. i'll show that i can live happily to her that rejected me. nevermind, there is always a beginning from an ending. hahah.

trust me, being haunted is a shit thing. you cant stand it when u see a car just like she have. a place which you hang out with her before. a feeling when you miss her before. a crying that you show to her before. a hope that you think she would make it happen. but since im just an ordinary guy that didnt have anything, she think i dont deserve her. i didnt have any same level with her. why i have to face all the shit? someone please tell me?

but, honestly, when im thinking of my sayang, Erin, there it goes. i cant stop thinking bout her. i keep saying her name. i miss the way he look me when im confused. i love the she way laugh when im saying something that she think funny. i miss the way she say, "sayang?" then she stop and when i ask what, she will reply, "takde pape". haha. u think that's funny? you are making me sakit hati la. hahah, but its ok. that is the colour of love. i love to see a couple sitting together while having their ice cream :). they look so sweet together.

p/s ; would love understand what am i talking about?

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