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Thursday, September 30, 2010

its time to change, dont get yourself trapped asshole

1stly, i want to dedicate this entry to all my friends and for those who has been force to marry someone who they didnt like or didnt know. what im gonna write about is a story of my friend. a sad story that never have an ending. i pray to god that she will always be happy and i hope one day she will know why did this happen to her.

actually, after all the things that i heard from her best-best-bestfriend. i had find a conclusion. there is no problem without an answer, rite? even someone who have a power also have a problem. why did they think that it cant be solve? its because they never had en effort to solve it. they never learn how to face the truth. they are afraid of sin towards their parents and thats why there is always a gap in front of them.

its becoming worse when the day had come and they had run out of the time. and that time, the moment, suddenly they realize, "i should have tell them that i dont want this". but its too late, they cant do anything. the thing must be settle and after that, they will live in a world full of regrets.

there is always a solution for anything we do. my advice is, dont let it happen or you will regret it because you didnt solve it when you have a chance. you will be just like a loser who cant do anything and follow what others tell you to. actually, why does this world happen to have a parents that always want to control their childs? why do they have to plan everything for their child? if they are still schooling, nvm, its ok. but after they graduates, they still think that their child were a small kids. lols, its making me sick, even to think about it will make me more annoying.

i think they had some fucking blablabla phobia, that is why they are afraid that their child will turn to something they really hate. yeah, they are afraid of their own shadow. am i rite?

p/s ; they should learn how to understand us :)

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