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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

another stone day~~with my only Mary Jane :)

its just a normal day without a class, i woke up on 10am, i eat n online, like flirting n so on. n it actualy started from here, where i call my buddies to go to malacca. im planning to drink tonite with my old schoolmate but it ends when i cant even call him. ahah. think by urself, blablabla. i think im stone now.

my best mates, keem wong, fetch me and we r on highway to cyberia. its superfast Maju Expressway, hahahha. shit the hole out of it, this must be a government propaganda to waste a land for highway without more than 100 car per hour in the road. this is some mtfk blacken our money. this is not right. yeah hell buddy, this is not rite.

i think a day with world of politic can make u seem even more asshole and you know what, those shit minister are keep stealing our money, our land for their profit. wtf is that? didnt they know that our land is own by god? wth is shit gunung kinabalu is own by ex-pm's daughter? this is crap. we gotta get ouf this mtfk freemason who keep controlling our mind, u might not realize it but trust me, think deeper and think why u doin all this shit everyday, keep repeating it and we r trapped in this world full of rules. shit man, why cant we smoke ganja, snort k? that is the invasion. they abused us with so many fucking bastard education? wth is dat, as i know, our great 3x grandparents are from paleolitik, without education they can survive and produce us?

whattt?? u gonna said that we come from monkey? its the darwin emotionless theory? wth is God when we came from monkey? go eat shit darwin, u r just an unlucky gifted emo think. hahah.

u know what, im getting higher just by writing dis entry. hahaha. think wise, u'll be nice :) its not easy as u see, as the first rule is, i shouldn't fall to my patient. and its really secret :)

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