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Friday, October 1, 2010

Time : Symphony Part II

Haha, "petang ni rumah aku openhouse, semua dijemput hadir", :)).

Its a spontaneous word that come from me when i heard that Morgan class is cancel. He had a fever and it means we are getting happier :). Im sorry sir :D. Actually, his class is not boring or what, but he rarely cancel his class and that's why we are super duper happy rite now. Wooohuuuu.

Ouh, its about Time right? After all that I see on what I do everyday, I noticed that I spend a lot of free time hanging with friend, FB'ing, blogging and so on. Hahaha, and you know what? It is really enjoying and I'd love to spend more. I wish that I had money without going to work. Hahah, "oh God, please give me lots of money because I want to spend it all for my friends, please God, I'm making my friends happier". Ahahah.

Btw, after returning from college, I immediately went to my friend's house while waiting for the rain to stop. Haha, we are talking on how to get girls and hook up with them. We also gossiping about the girls at the college and who is their boyfriend :). To girl out there, lelaki pun tau ber"gosip" laaa. Hahah. You are lucky if your name were not mention by us. Hahaha.

Actually, all I want to say is, my time is really free right now. But not my assignment, i had a lots of things to finish and yesterday, when I was sleeping, my friend text me and said, "Ell, ko kena lantik jadi AJK Promosi untuk Karnival Sukan Rakyat, hahah". Wtf is that, do I look like I'm someone at the supermarket selling a new product or a salesman that keep knocking your door? Ahah, but nevermind, I'll try my best to do this project. This is a part of our final assignment for this Sem plus I got bonus mark for taking this place :) Hahahah.

p/s ; letih la write panjang-panjang, korang bukan bace pun. Btw, mane ade openhouse. Tandas renovate abis ngan dapur sekali rabak. Haha

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