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Friday, October 1, 2010

Game : Symphony in D Major

Have you ever read a love book? Have you ever study any love book or any kind of it? Well, I am. I had finished The Mystery Method and now I'm still reading The Game by Neil Strauss. Trust me, it teach you how to "pick-up" a girl step by step and flirt with them. Ahah. I've been reading it since last year and it is really interesting. The book is written by a guy who have so many experience on how to get a girl easily. Haha.

Not much, I already try it to random girl with my friends, and trust me, its effective. Haha. And now, I'm re-examine that book again. Hahaha, it's fun to get a girl you want and then you left them when you are boring. Do you think I'm bad? You're wrong, coz all the things that I do, I do it on purpose. Maybe I do it for my experience, maybe I do it for someone who is challenging me or maybe I'm doing it coz it's fun. Dont blame me, blame those mtfk who always think that they are good and they think they should be revere. Nevermind. :)

Shut the hell up of us! Think slowly, think why the world has change like this? Why a man like me is still exist and keep breaking a heart? The answer is, you should ask yourself back why you were here? Haha, then you'll realize how easy it will be. Actually, I'm not posting about a fucking emo entry. I hate emo. It's just I love to share my thought with you guys. It's fun to write, to let go what yourself suppose to be and to let people know what is this world about.

Why do I have to write like this? Why do I have to say what you think is not good? It's because, this blog is Written and Directed by me. I'm planning for what I want to do and it seems like it goes smooth and clear here. Hahaha.

p/s ; Life is a Game. Are you ready for it?

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