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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pornstyle of The Year

Yeah, there's been so many football player being talk with whores right now. eveen CR7, John Terry, Tiger Wood, Roslin Hasyim. oops, are they a footballers. hahahhaha. Being happy with all my friends is the last wish before I die. That's all i want it since i was like still in my moms stomach. hahaha.

Why when I post a new entry, this fucking song will play it. (You can take my heart). Ntah ape-ape lahh. :) Ni la kalau susah nak tidur. So, how about you you be like me, i bet u will be a good writer like me. Hahahaha.

p/s ; Sucks, im flying. Byebye my beloved friends :)

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