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Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Him that gave me life

12.10 AM
Status - Suicide

I've said this word for so many times, but still I never notice that those thing will happen to me. What goes around comes around, it's karma right? Maybe before this I had make someone feel bad and talk bad about them. Showing that I'm always right and so on. And now, lots of problem coming to me. It turns on me back for what I've done before.

Look, I'm sick of it. I just can't bear it when someone hated me. But, I do hate other people. See, it goes back on myself. What do we do will get back to us because it's karma.

So, from now on, I want to taught myself to respect other people, to love them and never talk bad about other people. I just want my life to be full of happiness and see people around me happy and enjoy with me. I'm not the one who are cold-hearted and selfish. I hate a situation like this. It makes me feel guilty and bad.

To god, I pray to you please let me have a peace on myself. Show me the true Path that will lead me to happiness. Let my friends, family and all people in this world love me. I love YOU Allah!

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