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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

making something happen is more difficult than saying it

yeah, its been a almost two weeks since I post my last entry. Urmm, I've been busy for the whole weeks coz' of the assignment, mid-term and lots of trouble that keep coming to me. That's sucks man. And now, I try to arrange my time perfectly, spend it wisely till 22 November, it's my final exam laaa. Hahahaha.

Firstly, I'm really tired and my face had already show the symptom of stress, it's my PIMPLE la, I hate it. I had to stay in my room and do boring things, I was also suffering from flu and cough. Lols, why they all want to come in one time? But, I've recovered from flu and still had a cough. Lols, what am I typing here. Actually, I have no idea on what I want to type now because my hand is really into this fucking keyboard while my head is flying away, Idk where, but it's kinda fun here. Hahaha.

Yeah, my love text me and she ask if I had my free time tomorrow to watch movie with her. I have to because I love her, ahah, simple kan? I wish I could be with her till..I don't know, but what I know is she is the first woman that I love had passed the 3months qualification and I'm in love with her for almost 7months, I guess :) Sayang, nanti u kire la bape hari k? haha :D

p/s ; I'm blank for 5minute, wtf man, could u asshole please don't bother my life. Baru je aku nak rilek ade je suara2 bangang kuar kat tepi telinga ni. Bullshit doe. Fuck u all!

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